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Offering Genomic Data Solutions

We develop innovative genomic data analysis tools which allow to efficient use of genomic data for better clinical outcomes. The company stems from the latest research results and most recent applications of genetic technologies in clinical practice. We strive to find the best solutions that will individualize and improve clinical outcomes. We collaborate with multiple genome research and service labs. In addition to data analysis tools we can offer next generation sequencing services.

We currently specialize in the following areas:

  • bioinformatics and biostatistics analysis of human genome data
  • interpretation of genetic findings
  • development of automated data analysis pipelines
  • integration with medical records systems
We Specialize in
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Our Services


Decision support system for genotype based drug prescription. It links up personal genetic data and electronic prescription systems, providing recommendation about genotype drug interactions in real time.



Computing platform for fast and accurate clinical NGS, Sanger, RT-PCR data analysis. This platform allows variant discovery, annotation, and interpretation of NGS or Sanger sequencing data.


Genomic data analysis

We offer comprehensive bioinformatics services including consulting, sequencing, and data analysis and exploitation. We work with researchers, clinicians, and geneticist to provide complete analysis of their high-throughput sequencing, Sanger, RT-PCR, digital PCR data. From Raw instrument data to results visualization, statistical analysis or results integration.

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